Another important means for visibility and communication is the promotional flag.

Gazebopiù offers two different sized flags, which can be both supported by a pedestal or attached to the structure of your gazebo.

Flag support

To keep your massage of advertisement always visible, two types of support are available: cross base for the ground positioning of the flag or universal attachment for the gazebo structure.

Tent foldable table

The strong points of the Gazebopiù foldable table stand are stability and the ease of assembly. The opening takes place in a few minutes and without the use of tools.

It can easily be set up on one or more sides of a tent and, at the end of an event, it can be stored in a briefcase for a short period of time.

The desk cover* can be completely customized for a complete and captivating message.
(*Cover is not included, but available on request.)

Measures of Gazebopiù tent foldable table
Measure (mt)Weight (kg)Height (cm)Length (cm)Length Folded (cm)Package (cm)

Additional awning

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Exceptional flexiblility of the set up

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Positionable in a few seconds via specific velcro and clamps

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

It’s optional: you can decide to use it according to real environmental and weather conditions

Measure of Gazebopiù additional awning
Measure (mt)Weight (kg)Depth (cm)Length (cm)

Transport bag plus

The model Tecnoplus is provided with its own specific PVC transport bag, complete with padding, to protect the gazebo during transport. The elegant design of the bag embellishes a product which is already considered the top of the range.

You can purchase the transport Bag Plus separately as a replacement for the other Gazebopiù models.


The connection connects and stabilizes two or more gazebos; each one requires a specific model.

Metal gazebo weight 15 kg

To give the gazebo the necessary stability we have developed a system of galvanized steel plates, comfortably transportable and stackable. These plates can also be used to connect to other fitted gazebos nearby.

Fixing kit

The fixing kit consists of four reinforced “T style” stakes and four adjustable tie straps.

It can be bought separately and is suitable for all our gazebos. If used together with a 15 kg plate, it can improve stability in any weather condition.


The gutter, made of PVC fabric, prevents the passage of water between two adjacent gazebos.

It is easy to apply to the roof and fixed by means of special Velcro strips; it allows the drainage of water outside the gazebo.