Esa Series

The ‘ESA’ has a lightweight structure. It is easy to carry and to set up. It is ideal for outdoor events for short term and infrequent use. The ‘ESA’ is a semi-professional gazebo suitable not only for professional high profile events but also for casual family gatherings. What makes the ‘ESA’ unique is the rapidity and ease of opening.
Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Structure in anodized aluminium with a 40mm and a 2mm thickness hexagonal profile.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Roof and side panels available in the Basic and Superior lines.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

The possibility of personalisation using digital printing (only for the Superior line) and thermal transfer.

Side panels available

The range includes:

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Plain side panel: wide customizable surface and a protection for the inside of the gazebo.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Window side panel: external visibility thanks to an elegant transparent PVC window.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Door side panel: vertical opening by two zippers. The door can be rolled and fastened by velcro strips.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Half side panel: the half panel is the perfect solution to provide a formal barrier from unwanted entry without closing the gazebo permitting communication with the public or customers. For a perfect fabric tension, we suggest to complete half walls with a specific cross bar.

Esa measurements

Measurements (mt)2x33x34,5x36x3
Section leg (mm)40404040
Weight (kg)24243336
Height under valance (cm)200200200200
Height maximum (cm)335335335335
Height folder (cm)154154154154
Package (cm)28x28x16028x28x15628x37x15628x47x156


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