Market Series

The model ‘MARKET’ has been designed to fit the needs of street stallholders, street food vendors and outdoor public events. Its platform roof automatic opening system quickly enables the readiness of a stand to be prepared. The legs raised at a greater height offer a greater visibility for the gazebo, a prime reason why the model ‘MARKET’ is a preferred choice by stallholders. The possibility to customize it with digital printing, will better promote and add value to the brand or the product being sold.
Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Structure: aluminium

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Joint system: aluminium

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Increased Height of 225cm with no additional charge

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Automatic Platform roof at 80cm on one side only

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Roof and side panels available only in the Superior line

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

The possibility of personalisation using digital printing

Octagonal profile diameter 49 mm

Height increased +25 cm

Side panels available

The range includes:

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Plain side panel: wide customizable surface and a protection for the inside of the gazebo.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Window side panel: external visibility thanks to an elegant transparent PVC window.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Door side panel: vertical opening by two zippers. The door can be rolled and fastened by velcro strips.

Gazebo gazebopiu_li_10

Half side panel: the half panel is the perfect solution to provide a formal barrier from unwanted entry without closing the gazebo permitting communication with the public or customers. For a perfect fabric tension, we suggest to complete half walls with a specific cross bar.

Market measurements

Measurements (mt)3x34,5x36x3
Section leg (mm)45x45x245x45x245x45x2
Weight (kg)455464
Height under valance (cm)225225225
Height maximum (cm)350350350
Height folder (cm)165165165
Package (cm)50x50x16660x50x16670x50x166


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